In 2015, the Verkéiersverbond Luxembourg received multiple awards for its mytraQ variant mTicket app. In February, the Best m-Government Service Award in Dubai and in May the Best Practice Award Urban Telematics in Berlin.

The innovative mobile solution enables paperless and counterfeit-proof ticketing via smartphone. Luxembourg is an example of a region where large numbers of people commute across borders every day. Achieving an individual shift in favor of public, regional and long-distance transport can only be realized with easy-to-use ticketing services for occasional travelers. Via a second app, passengers receive comprehensive information about all other available mobility services. Access to mobility is greatly facilitated by the mTicket app.

Thomas Hornig, CEO of highQ GmbH, is delighted with the awards: “Winning the two awards shows that we have developed a truly innovative solution.” Director General of the Verkéiersverbond Luxembourg, Gilles Dostert, added: “In Luxembourg, we want a well-designed public solution as an alternative to private motorized transport. To achieve this, seamless cooperation between different service providers is essential. We have accomplished this through our offering and also through the tariff union. With the mTicket app, we want to convince even more people of how easy it is to use public transport.”

The mTicket is a variant of highQ’s mytraQ multi-modal mobility assistant and was developed through a collaboration with Karlsruhe software specialists INIT AG.

(Picture: Verkéiersverbond Luxemburg)