More environmentally friendly mobility for Stuttgart: highQ makes a difference with moveBW

Public transport

Stuttgart is the particulate matter capital of Germany
Nowhere else in the republic is the air as polluted as it is here. This makes it all the more important to motivate as many commuters as possible to change from using their own cars to more environmentally friendly means of transport. Sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the economic initiative bwcon, the widely praised moveBW project is intended to help achieve this goal.

Together with six industry partners, highQ proposed a concept for the comprehensive intermodal linking of individual and public mobility in the Stuttgart region, which intelligently combines the use of people’s own vehicles, public transport, car and bike sharing as well as parking space management. This concept was selected for implementation by a professional advisory board. The one-year implementation phase started in July 2016, after which the system will be tested and evaluated in practice for a further six months. The intention is to transfer this model project to other state metropolitan regions in the future.

The goal of moveBW is to make the transition to environmentally friendly mobility as convenient as possible for motorists. To this end, a smartphone app has been developed which, on the basis of real-time traffic data, proposes an intermodal journey chain to the user that combines private car, public transport, car and bike sharing. If the city centre is congested, for example, the driver will be redirected to a nearby park-and-ride and can then continue his or her journey on the subway.

The biggest difference between this app and regular routing applications like Google Maps is that moveBW has access to local traffic data, enabling the app to provide more precise and up-to-date route recommendations. Another aim is to reward motorists who make the change to other modes of transport with mobility premiums – for example periods of free parking.

highQ brings practical experience to the project
In a cooperation project with Berlin-based Zeitmeilen AG, highQ has already developed the basis for a routing concept of this nature, featuring an integrated incentive system. highQ also brings to the moveBW project extensive expertise in the areas of e-ticketing and passenger management and has assumed the task of technical coordination with car and bike sharing providers. The goal is to develop a universal means of intermodal fare pricing and billing. With the company’s mytraQ app, highQ has already done some preliminary work in this area too.

From summer 2017, when moveBW enters the practice phase, selected citizens in the Stuttgart region will be given the choice between driving their own cars in the daily traffic jams or choosing the intelligent intermodal alternative. One glance at the moveBW app will show them the optimal route and means of transport to get where they need to be at any time of the day. Ultimately, the aim for Stuttgart is that people will be able to enjoy more pleasant journeys using environmentally friendly means of transport while everyone benefits from less polluted air.